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Together with Coche and Cubagua Islands, Margarita Island is part of the insular state Nueva Esparta, located 38 Km to the North of Venezuela -Northeastern coast of South America- in the Caribbean Sea, being Margarita the largest of them (1.071 Km2), which has earned the name of "the Pearl of the Caribbean" with its 93 Km. of paradisiac beaches. Reaching Margarita Island is easy, because a large number of Venezuelan airlines fly to the Santiago Mariño International Airport (Porlamar), in addition to some Charter flights from Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Trinidad & Tobago among others.
However, the majority of commercial international flights that fly to Venezuela arrive at the Simon Bolivar international airport in Maiquetia (Caracas), from where a national flight to Isla de Margarita can be taken (about 40 minutes of duration), and once there it is also possible to make connections to other first class tourist destinations in Venezuela. In addition, there are international cruises that travel to Caribbean islands with routes that include visits to this beautiful island, disembarking in the Guamache port.
Among the main attractions to visit in Margarita are the “Laguna de La Restinga” National Park which is located on the way to the Macanao Peninsula (Western portion of the island), that offers a 10 Km beach and tours between fabulous mazes of mangrove swamps (leafy aquatic vegetation), restaurants, fishing and harvesting of molluscs activities. Among the most visited beaches by local and international tourists is Playa El Agua in Antolín del Campo Municipality, which has a large amount of hotels and inns, as well as a variety of restaurants, and the possibility of practicing water sports such as surfing and bodyboarding.
Another preferred beach by international tourists is Playa El Yaque, in which national and international windsurfing and kitesurfing tournaments are continuously held, thanks to its privileged winds, and its numerous hotels, inns and restaurants operated by bilingual staff. Undoubtedly, Coche Island (55 Km2), is another destination of great interest for tourists, there they can visit La Punta Beach, ideal for rest and sharing with the family, and have the possibility to eat and stay at various Inns and restaurants that the island has, as well as diving and practicing various water sports in its crystalline waters.
Cubagua, the smallest island of Nueva Esparta State (24 Km2) kept the historical traces of what was the first city founded by the Spanish colonists in South America. Already in 1498 Margarita Island was sighted by Christopher Columbus on his third expedition to the "new world", and he named it after Princess Margarita of Austria. However, more than two decades later, in 1521, "Nueva Cádiz de Cubagua” was founded in 1521, from which the exploitation and export of pearls (extracted by the aboriginal Guaiqueri people) towards Europe was carried. Despite its brief existence, in just two decades, it gained an important political role for the Spanish colonists, and still, the ruins of its stone-made streets and houses can be seen in it.



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