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About us:
Margarita Real Boutique Hotel & Vacation Club is a construction of the developer group CorpoReal C.A., a leading building company with more than 15 years of experience in the promotion, construction and commercialization of recognized real-estate projects in the insular area, founded in 2005 by Francisco Xavier Piera Rojas, Eng. José Antonio Páez and Arch. Alejandro Roncajolo, whose backing ensures advanced architectural works, the best location within the safest and most prestigious residential areas in the island, with the best materials and top-quality finishes, which translates into an investment that rises in value constantly . Structure, design and services of Margarita Real are inspired in prestigious holiday resorts of Orlando, Florida in the United States, in which families find in their holiday apartments and the facilities and services that surrounds them, all they need to enjoy unforgettable vacations.

Margarita Real is, undoubtedly, a hotel with an unique personality, thanks to its innovative and sophisticated architecture and its luxurious and modern environment which offers its visitors a select atmosphere of comfort and privacy. It also has a privileged location, in the most dynamic touristic and residential area of Margarita Island: the city of Pampatar, only 5 minutes from the best beaches, the gastronomic area of Pampatar, large shopping malls and chains of supermarkets, pharmacies and liquor stores, as well as various night-time entertainment places, pubs/bars, nightclubs and casinos, with a quick access to Ave. Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi, that connects with the most popular beaches in the northeast of the island, such as El Agua, Parguito, Manzanillo, Puerto Cruz, Zaragoza, etc.
In short, Margarita Real is synonymous with luxury, exclusivity, privacy, V.I.P. service, safety and entertainment for the whole family, thanks to the work of an organization that operates with a high sense of ethics, responsibility and sustainable development, in which we strive every day to promote fundamental values such as the healthy coexistence, friendship, respect, team work, knowledge, excellence and the preservation of the environment, paying close attention to the needs of our community and allowing our guests to share experiences with the local people, in perfect harmony with our environment. A holiday paradise nestled in the Pearl of the Caribbean Sea where we will receive you and your loved ones to give you the opportunity to fulfill your dreamed vacations, inviting you to discover with us all the wonders of Margarita, which is now... more real than ever!

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